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All About Automated Pen Testing: Can It Replace Humans?

The automation of cybersecurity has risen significantly in recent years, however, penetration testing has been largely ineffective. While crowdsourced security developed as a substitute for pen-testing over the last decade, the method is still not built on automation, but instead uses more people to solve the problem. 

Recently, automated pentest techniques have evolved to the point that they can be used under certain circumstances. This raises the question: Can these devices take over humans as pen testers?

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The way automated pen testers Perform: These devices "deliver" the pen test through an agent or the virtual machine (VM) that emulates the laptop of the pen tester or attacks proxy blocking into your network. The pen testing bot conducts a reconnaissance of its surroundings through the same scanning process as human beings would conduct the vulnerability scan using an appropriate tool or a ports-and-services scan using Nmap and Mass can.

Benefits of Automated Pen Testing

First of all, it is evident that the testing and reports are significantly faster and the reports are extremely clear.

This is among the biggest flaws of pen tests for humans current day Continuous delivery implies that numerous reports are not up to date before when they are released.

Automated pen testing tools overcome this issue by conducting tests every day, twice a day, and on every change, and then delivering the results almost immediately.