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All About Security Of WordPress Website

There are some people who think that they don't need to think much about the safety of their Word Press website. Unluckily, people realize the importance of security only when their website or blog gets hacked.

WordPress is on the list of the most convenient and popular content management systems you can find today. At the same time, the platform is often a target for spammers and hackers. So people don’t think about the word press maintenance and security services.

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According to a report, 9 out of 10 hacked websites are based on WordPress. However, it is important to remember that WordPress is one of the most secure platforms out there. Likewise, hackers will not find it easier to attack if your website is properly maintained and protected.

In fact, most hackers don't target the least popular platforms. They basically attack popular websites. Therefore, they attack WordPress websites because 61% of websites today are based on WordPress.

You may wonder why your website is at risk even though it has very little traffic. In fact, most hackers hack unimportant, unpopular websites to avoid deleting important files or data theft.

In fact, after hacking your website, they connect to a special software program that sends a lot of fraud emails. And you won't know that anyone is using your server without your permission.