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All About Wills and Probate In The UK

A will is a legal document that, if written properly, should ensure that your property is allocated in the way you want. This allows you to make financial arrangements for your loved ones. You can also search online for wills and probate in the UK.

Where there is a Will

The Will often name executors, the people who are today appointed to manage the estate of the deceased. You might need a Grant of Probate to be named executor of a Will. This is an official file issued to you by the Probate Registry that you can use to administer the estate.

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The executors must submit the unique will and an oath (worn before a solicitor) to the nearest Probate Registry in order to obtain a Grant of Probate. If the estate's value exceeds a certain limit, the executors must submit an Inland Income Account to the Capital Taxes Office.

Executors' Duties

Executors are responsible for ensuring that the estate is managed in a proper manner. They must collect the property of the deceased and settle any liabilities, including inheritance taxes.

Your Executors' Function

The following are the principal tasks:

– Assessing the worth of the assets and money owed to the estate. 

– Applying For the Grant of Probate. 

– Taking ownership of your property and transferring it into your own name.

After all estate debts and legacies have been paid and assets distributed, the administration of the estate can be completed.