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Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Pairing Injectable Cosmetics With Skin Resurfacing Procedures

In addition to pairing one injectable cosmetic with another, it is also possible to strategically combine these products with a variety of skin resurfacing procedures. Sometimes the most noticeable signs of aging have less to do with facial wrinkling and more to do with skin texture and tone. 

The development of melasma, dark spots, sun spots, and other evidence of hyperpigmentation can make a person look far older than he or she truly is. This is also true of enlarged pores and dark-colored scars. You can also get the best anti-aging injections treatment in Bridgend from a professional salon.

As people grow older, their skin becomes not only less resilient but also a lot slower to heal. Skin resurfacing procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels are designed to break down and slough away dead or damaged skin cells. 

This way, new and healthier skin can be revealed. The controlled damage that these procedures cause also help expedite the regeneration of new skin cells, and the production of important, skin-supporting substances like collagen and elastin. 

When paired with injectable cosmetics, these procedures can make people look years younger, and without downtime, risk of scarring, or strict aftercare requirements.

Not only is it important for patients to find the perfect combination of treatments for their circumstances and needs, but it is also vital to time these procedures correctly. This is especially true when pairing anti-wrinkle injections with aggressive skin resurfacing procedures that may require several days or weeks of healing on their own. For this reason, working with a single provider to achieve both smoother and line-free skin is often the most efficient choice.