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Benefits Of Keto Diet

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body produces ketones to be used as fuel by some organs so that glycogen can be reserved for organs that depend on it. It is important when looking for information on ketosis that it is not confused for ketoacidosis – a very unhealthy state of being. Top keto recipe websites can provide you a complete guide about ketosis.

Because glucose is commonly accepted as the body's primary fuel source, putting the body into a state where burning something other than glucose for fuel is subsequently regarded as a form of starvation. 

Yet, the human body has a well-defined mechanism for literally burning fat for fuel. When the body uses fat as energy, it's in a state of ketosis. When you stop eating glucose, your body begins the process of ketosis. 

In ketosis, the liver starts unpacking fat cells so that your body can use the fatty acids for fuel. It also produces ketone bodies, which the body also uses for fuel – especially the brain. 

The benefits of ketosis are numerous – lowered blood pressure, lower cholesterol, low triglycerides, improved insulin sensitivity, and weight loss without regard to calorie count. 

Other reported benefits are common – lack of hunger, lack of cravings, improved mood, lessened anxiety, and greater mental concentration. Variations on ketogenic diets are used to control various medical conditions.