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Can manual therapy help foot problems?

Manual therapy has grown to be a somewhat debatable recently. Manual therapy typically covers the rehab solutions of manipulation and mobilization. This conflict is based surrounding the deficiency of good science that absolutely indicates it works. That does not imply that this doesn't work, it simply shows that the level of the analysis that supports its usage is of low quality. Another predicament that is making it controversial is if it will help, then how exactly does it work. In the past it was the amazing cracking sound as a joint is put back into place. All of the proof right now demonstrates that that isn't the way it helps and it perhaps works through some form of pain interference process giving the sense the pain is improved. None of this is entirely apparent and much more scientific studies are ongoing to attempt to deal with this quandry. This presents a predicament for clinicians who use these kinds of manual therapy clinical skills and want to make selections on the way to help their patients medically but still always be evidence based with the things they do.

The latest episode of the podiatry livestream, PodChatLive tried to resolve these types of points in terms of manual therapy for foot disorders. In this particular episode the hosts interviewed Dave Cashley whom offered his personal expertise both from his many years of clinical practice and his own research on manual therapy. His studies have recently been on its use for Morton's neuroma and it's appearing to be promising. Also, Dave gives his view on several of the criticisms that have been aimed towards manual therapy. Dave is a podiatrist plus a highly regarded international speaker and educator. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and has written and published several publications on podiatric manual therapy in the literature recently. During his career, he has worked alongside professional sportsmen, top level athletes, world champions, international dance groups along with the British army.