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Choose The Right Public Adjuster

Licensed adjusters, public claims adjusters, represent the policyholder during the preparation, submission, and calculation of a claim. They are not employees of the insurance company. They are there for you, the victim of the loss.

A policyholder who has suffered an insured loss will face the greatest challenge when calculating, preparing, and submitting a claim. Many people do not have the skills to file an insurance claim. They end up losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars that they could raise. The settlement of your claim will be maximized by Evanston public adjuster at AllCity Adjusting which is rated #1 in Evanston, IL.

Public Adjusters

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Here are the steps to take when you need to find a public claims adjuster:

Search for “Public Adjuster” using your computer's search engine. Include your city and zip code. You can find Public Adjusters in the Yellow Pages.

Interview at least two PAs in the area with these questions.

1. Are you licensed in your particular state?

2. How many years have you worked as a personal assistant?

3. Are you a specialist?

4. Could you provide a list of up to ten satisfied customers and their phone numbers?

5. Do you have documents proving your success in insurance settlement negotiations?

6. Are you the victim of a complaint to the Department of Insurance?

7. Please describe your charges and how they are paid.

8. Please send a copy of your service contract.

Based on the information you received from each PA and your relationship with them, you can decide which PA you want to be on your team. Then work together to collect all the dollars you are entitled to.