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CPR Training for Schools and Workplaces

CPR has been officially introduced in 1960 and has been in the public eye since 1981. It is estimated that less than 1/3 of people who suffer a heart attack receive CPR from bystanders. Many people who appear perfectly healthy can have a sudden heart attack without warning. 

Although a heart attack is the most common scenario that requires immediate attention, the less common cardiac arrhythmia known as ventricular fibrillation, regardless of age or physical condition, can cause loss of consciousness. 

Therefore, an online CPR training course is very important in schools and workplaces.

The American Heart Association offers a great variety of resources, including free online information and links to finding courses in the area. However, the best way for companies to ensure their employees receive CPR training is to host on-site classes. 

Studies show that the median response time to EMS is 10-12 minutes when defibrillation should occur within 3-5 minutes after collapse. Using CPR while waiting for an emergency response team can save lives and prevent brain damage from lack of oxygen in the brain.

The American Red Cross offers courses that can come to your school or workplace. You can even offer CPR instructor training so that employees or teachers can be certified to provide CPR training to others. Although most people are fairly aware of what CPR is and what it involves, the details are often lost. 

Therefore, the latest guidelines and instructions should be checked regularly. Official opening hours should also be checked from time to time.