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Do We Really Need Physical Strength in This Modern Age?

It was recently mistakenly believed that a strength training program for professional athletes would slow them down and prevent them from competing in their sport of choice.

Now, in any sport, every serious athlete considers extra strength an asset that can take them to greater heights. Even if you're not a multi-million dollar professional athlete, personal physical strength is still important to get the most out of life.

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You may be wondering how important a power supply is to a microchip in this day and age. Because how much effort does it take to sit at your desk all day, sit on the couch at night and watch TV?

How much electricity does it take to use a computer mouse, type and write text on a cell phone, work with a microwave or remote control, or drive a car?

Our muscle tissue is much more important than just the strength to perform tasks and physical activity because in our muscle tissue energy is produced and expended for our body's needs so that we can stay alive.

Our muscle tissue holds our bodies upright and holds our bones together and holds the pieces inside, deep inside. Not only is it a human body machine, but it is also a shock absorber. Strong muscles support and soften the joints and spine with daily wear and tear.