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Everything You Need To Know About Ice Edition Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table

Just as foosball is a soccer table version, bubble hockey table offers hockey fans the same feeling. Do you want to play a table version of hockey?

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And for fans who live in warmer climates, at least this table can still offer games for hard players. Which bubble hockey table you buy depends on many factors, but perhaps the most important is your budget.

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What if you want the official version and can afford it?

That’s very likely because the ice edition of Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey is the richest of the big sports fans.

About 33% of fans make over $100,000 a year, while only 19% of the general population makes that much money. Maybe you can pay for it as long as you want to get $4,000+.

So what’s different here that you can’t get at other bubble hockey tables? Make sure it plays well and is very well made.

But the most important aspect here for the fans is that the players are painted in whatever NHL uniform you specify.

You can choose which teams will host and guest, and the sides and bottom are decorated with stickers of the NHL and your favorite teams. For very “tribal” NHL fans this is especially important because you can control your favorite team while playing.