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Everything You Need To Know About Steel Lintels In London

You have your plans from an architect. You've chosen your builder. Now you're done with the legalities. The fun part is now: building your new home. There are many decisions to make so it is important to have all the information you need to build a home that suits your needs. The steel lintel, one of many items you'll need to consider when building your home is one example. But why should you care?

Many renters and homeowners don't realize they live under a steel lintel every day. A steel lintel can be a vital part of any home. Steel lintels are an option to or used in combination with heat pumps or solar panels to improve energy efficiency. If you are in search of  fabricated lintels go through Any Size Steel.

If you are looking for something more custom or pleasing to the eye, a lintel might be something that you should consider. For example, a Gothic or Venetian-style lintel could be an option. How do you determine what you need?

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Choosing the right lintel

A lintel's primary function is to support the load over it through openings like windows and doors. Three steps are usually followed when choosing the right lintel.

1. What type of wall construction?

How deep are the walls of the house? This is commonly called cavity size. This information allows choosing the right lintel for each type of house. Timber frame homes will need a different type of lintel than homes with solid walls. The lintel can also be used in conjunction with insulation products to ensure that the building is thermally efficient and airtight.

2. How heavy does the lintel have to be?

Remember that the lintels in your new home might have different tasks. They are important because they could be supporting a second floor, concrete floors, or your roof. It is therefore important to understand what the roof needs.