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Guide To First-Time Hiring Manager

Recruiting and placing the right person in the right position at the right time requires more than just experience and skills. It requires several strategies, knowledge and clear insight that a hiring manager is bound to possess.

Following are the best recruitment tips for candidates that would certainly direct you towards a successful recruiting process.

  • Identification of requirement:

It is vital for a hiring manager to be well versed with the needs and wants of the company. He or she should first identify the qualities that the organization seeks in the candidate for a particular position and list them down.

If there is no proper identification of requirements then there are chances of candidates getting selected that do not possess the required skills and aptitude.

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  • Job description:

As a candidate is expected to write a good cover letter, similarly hiring managers are expected to write a good job description.

The job description is ultimately going to be one of the factors that would attract applicants towards the organization hence, a job description must be free from grammatical errors, it must lay down necessary details. Apart from these things, the job description must portray a picture of “dream job” that every employee wishes to work in.

  • Talent and skills over experience:

Most of the recruiters choose experience over talent. They hire experienced people with an insight of training them later but this somewhere compromises on talent as well. The best way is to test the skills and talents by screening candidates individually on the basis of tests like an aptitude test.

These tests can help the managers in figuring out which candidate suits the best for the vacant position in the organization.

  • Framing better questions:

Hiring managers generally commit a mistake by asking them questions that can allow the candidate to putting their best foot forward.

Such questions can be tackled by any smart candidate easily thus the best way is to ask them questions that don’t allow them in keeping their best foot forward.

Questions like – what would you do in so and so the situation can give a better idea about the attitude of the candidate. Such questions are based on initiations.