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How Gelato machine and other Soft Serve Machines Work

Another special cooling unit is the soft serve machine, which makes frozen desserts from a liquid base mixture. Mixes are available for making ice cream, milk with ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream, etc. in various flavours. When you buy a machine, you want to know how much of the mixture it contains at one time. The capacities vary between 8.5 and 72 litres.

There are two types of soft serve machines. In a gravity feed machine, the mixture is fed into the hopper. If necessary, it is poured into the cylinder below where it was frozen, scraped from the cylinder and dosed. Gravity feeder machines are easy to use and clean and are the cheapest. You can also buy gelato machines in Australia and Commercial Gelato Equipment for your restaurants.

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Soft pressure machines use an air pump to force the mixture into the freezer compartment and then push it through the holes. Printing machines are more expensive, but they control the air better through gravity machines. The cooling system is the basis of soft service machines.

The simplest dispensers work on 110 volts of electricity, but machines with more functions require a 208-volt line. Most of the devices are air-cooled and there are very efficient water-cooled systems. An air-cooled engine can be installed almost anywhere.

Light desserts, shakes, and frozen drinks can be profitable, but the initial equipment costs are sometimes expensive. Calculate how many desserts and/or drinks will be sold per day to cover the combined costs of paying for equipment and ingredients.