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How to Find a Great Deal on Hotels

Most travelers focus on the lowest advertised hotel price when searching for the best deal. This may sound appealing, but those who want more than a basic bed should consider the extra costs associated with additional amenities. 

Many hotel deals include extra benefits, such as an Internet connection or early morning breakfast. This is a great start but most travelers should understand that chain hotels today aren't a one-size fits all business. Many hotels offer customized services that can be used by families, business travelers and people who are looking for a unique vacation. If you want to know more about boutique hotel then you can visit at

Hotel rewards programs are a great option for business travelers as well as those who frequently stay at a particular chain. Reward points are awarded for each night based on the dollar spent. These can be used to redeem for free nights at a hotel, airline miles, or gift certificates. Consider applying for the credit card of the hotel chain if you are planning to stay at a large, well-known hotel. These cards offer more rewards than traditional hotel rewards programs and often offer cardholder-only promotions.

Most hotel chains accept multiple payment options. If you are looking to use your existing credit card, make sure to combine rewards. You can use your rewards credit card to book the hotel and participate in the rewards program. To take advantage of travel insurance and supplemental rental car coverage, make sure you review your credit card policies.