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How You Can Use Messenger Bot For Your Business?

Facebook Messenger Bots is changing the internet industry today. They changed the online marketing game completely. And they wield huge power for whatever industry you're in. Mobile Monkey is the new chat bot builder.

With Mobile Monkey, you'll quickly generate Messenger Bots for free and then deploy a bot marketing campaign straight to your current operations. This is because Mobile monkey allows you to drive traffic through a highly interactive web channel. The web channel has all kinds of touch and feel, including but not limited to video, image and video, and podcasting capabilities. These kinds of capabilities are crucial to building strong customer relationships and increasing your brand recognition and reputation online. And all this is possible with minimal IT knowledge and no prior experience because Mobile monkey lets you get down to the basics.

But how does it really work? And more importantly, what are the benefits of building a new business using mobile apps and messenger chats? Well, there are two main benefits. Number one is saving time for your business. This is because the messenger chatbot takes the hard work out of sending and receiving messages. All you've got to do is focus on the video and image options that are provided by the mobile app.

The second benefit is connecting people who might never have crossed paths by being online. For example, if you're running a Whole Foods store and you want to connect with people who might want to order a fresh gourmet lunch or dinner from your store, but never considered doing so because you're always offline. By using a Facebook Messenger Bot, those people could be automatically sent to your mobile site. Even if they never intended on making a purchase from your store, since the bot connects to your Whole Foods website, they could be sent there just by entering their email addresses.

While we've talked about connecting people with Whole Foods, this example is only one of many possible uses for mobile apps and messenger chats. There are literally hundreds of potential uses for a bot like this. It's almost impossible to list them all in one article. However, here are a few examples, if you own and operate a pet store, then using your bot to connect with your Facebook fans, and posting photos of your pets can help you connect with people who may not otherwise be aware of the existence of your business. You could also use the chat bot for promotions or informing people about special events.

Another potential use case is in business development. Developers who develop mobile apps for a living can use Messenger Bot for customer support. What could be more fun than answering questions from real customers? It allows you to focus on the real task at hand developing a wonderful product for your customer, rather than wasting your time answering emails that do nothing but clutter up your inbox. Bot and mobile apps are a natural fit.

This article was not written to suggest that Chat Bots will replace current customer service systems or will become the primary method of customer service. Rather, the article intends to encourage you as a business owner to think about new ways to leverage Chat Bots and other technologies to help grow your business. It is my belief that as technologies like these become more accessible, businesses will find more creative ways to use them. And we could all benefit.

If you'd like to try out Messenger Bot or chat bots in your own business, it's completely free to download. I recommend signing up for a Bot account as soon as possible, so you have an instant chat bot and can test out various features. There are several different types of apps to choose from including premade templates, 3D games, and more. These are all relatively inexpensive and simple to set up. Using these bots will give your company a unique and dynamic experience.