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Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Winter

Every homeowner, even one with a brand new home, is thinking about how they can continue to update their home. With the recent emphasis on greener living and more energy-efficient methods for building homes, it only makes sense that energy-efficient home improvement ideas are on a lot of people's minds right now.

Especially when the season gets colder and the winter months arrive. Reducing heating costs and increasing the energy efficiency of homes is becoming increasingly important this season. You can also contact the top energy consultant via

If you want to upgrade your home and increase its energy use, consider some of these ideas. The contractor you choose will have no trouble helping you plan your energy upgrade.

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Simple energy efficiency for every owner

One thing you can do to use less energy this winter is to not use contractors. Consider switching all your light bulbs to the popular version of the CFL. They actually use between 70 and 75 percent less energy than the typical light bulbs we are used to.

Another energy-efficient home improvement idea to try during the winter is to use cold water in your laundry whenever possible.

By not using energy to heat water for your laundry, you save that energy. In fact, simply reducing the maximum temperature of your water heater can significantly increase your energy efficiency. These small changes are simple, but they will have a big impact.