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Online Process Of Leaving Cert

Leaving Cert Online offers 5th and 6th-year students a comprehensive and extensive experience across Ireland. Each subject is divided into subjects guided by the official curriculum. Each topic is presented in live video format. (Except for biology which is a different system, see biology page).

If you are looking for an online school in Ireland and leaving cert online visit Ashfield College. Along with additional study aids and worksheets, these courses provide students with additional training support for certification exams. The online course provides live video lessons conducted by experienced teachers and covers a wide range of exam topics.

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For students taking advanced or normal examinations, online certificate-taking courses are available, subject to availability. Leaving cert online offers comprehensive video courses to help 5th and 6th year students prepare for their final exams. The courses are very comprehensive and cover all aspects of the official curriculum. The online courses are ideal for anyone looking for additional support or training.

Consistency is the key to exam success. With leaving cert online you complete one module or topic per week. Each video explains a specific topic or chapter and does so in a way that is easy to understand and memorize. After each video, students are expected to complete one-hour work notes and worksheets. This follow-up is important to better understand the material and preserve the information.