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Reasons To Seek Out A Tree Removal Service

When looking for a home, mature trees are a big selling point. It is a sign that the neighborhood has been established. People like to live in established neighborhoods. You can also get shade from trees, which will help you save money on cooling your home in the summer months. 

If trees are so valuable, why would anyone want to remove them? Here are some reasons you should call a  tree root removal service company.

Foundation Issues

As mentioned, trees are beautiful and provide shade. If your tree has grown to a size you didn't expect, it can cause serious damage to your home. Shade provided by trees is naturally more effective the closer they are to your home. The root system of different trees could tangle with the foundation, and eventually cause it to fall apart.

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Although it may seem impossible for plants to remove cement foundations, it does happen, and it is quite common. Your trees could be responsible for shifting your home more frequently or cracks in the exterior or interior walls.


Trees that are in danger of falling down due to windstorms should be removed. These are trees that have been damaged by wind or ice storms or their roots have not grown deep enough to withstand the weather. 

It is a good idea for trees around your home to be checked by a tree service before it gets stormier in the fall and winter.