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Recruiter Guide How to Select Perfect Resume

Employers who are into this profession need certain practices to hire potential candidates. The best way is to develop relationships with potential candidates. Eventually, this will help while there is an urgent requirement to recruit a large pool of candidates.

It is better to adopt the best practices sooner to hire candidates in the upcoming war for a talent hunt in the industry. This will furthermore help your organization to hunt for a talent pool in a better move.

You can even hire the best programmers by using assessment tools.

At the outset, you need to develop the process as to how to recruit your ideal candidate. First, you need to build up a job description ideal for the position. For this, you need to assemble a team that represents the qualities of people currently holding the same position.

In the meeting itself, you will be able to dig up around ten-fifteen points- the key responsibilities and characteristics you are looking for to hire the right candidate. On the basis of the same, you will screen resumes, perform phone screens, finally set up the questions for the candidates for the interview.

This is a bit of effort! But working upon certain parameters- if you can hire the right and best person it's a long-term benefit for your organization after all!

Another important way is to spread words of mouth information, in this age of social media-professional networking is quite easy. Tap your employee networks in recruiting candidates by entering into the potential audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.