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Some Important Things To Follow While Ordering Tailored Dress Shirts

Tailored dress shirts are an ideal apparel for those who prefer wearing comfy shirts that fit nicely and provide a chic look. Aside from this, while providing precise measurements for the tailored shirts, don't forget to share your own fashion ideas with the tailor.

Do you know that outfit you wear informs about your lifestyle? Evidently, the tailored dress shirt made only for you guarantees the expression of your own personality. You can purchase the best quality or affordable tailored dress shirt via


When heading to your tailored dress shirt choice, pay decent attention to the collar fashion. The collar of the shirt is the first instantly visible feature. If you're trying to find a less formal shirt, then elect for a button-down collar since these will look good with no tie. For more formal wear you can pick a wing collar shirt.

Shirt cuffs must be selected carefully based on the formal or casual selection of shirts. Also, see if you want to get a button at the sleeve pocket.

Top pockets will also be equally vital in creating or breaking the total appearance of a tailored dress shirt. Breast pockets around the left side of the torso are a custom. A pocket dress shirt can also be called a formal shirt.

Additionally, pay attention to the cuffs to get more casual tailored tops.  To get a pleated shirt back design, you are able to pick from a box pleat which includes two pleats with a half inches of space at the middle, along with side pleats which are involving the sides and back. But, pleats are discretionary for fashion statements.