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All About Configuration Management Software

Configuration management software specifically designed for the fenestration industry is intended to streamline the initial contact in the order and production cycle for windows, doors, store frontages, and other specialized products. The tools traditionally provide order support, with added analytical and visual tools for designers to specify products.

Those businesses that utilize such software are able to efficiently and effectively guide the process through selection, configuration, and pricing while rendering drawings, images, and a multitude of alternative graphic representations of the final product design.

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PLM and Product configuration! Rahul

In today's competitive business environment, reducing costs associated with production while increasing the quality of the design is a priority for many businesses involved in the fenestration industry, as with many other industries.

The key is in the simplification and streamlining of production processes, without damaging any current or future competitive advantage of the business. In other words, reducing costs associated with production that results in parallel reductions in quality, quotation procedures, delivery times or product customization and differentiation, is not streamlining but downgrading.

Although many production businesses are well versed in utilizing technological solutions to drive bottom-line results, many manufacturers are now taking advantage of software that is increasing in sophistication, addressing specific production processes and issues, while adding new modules and updates to keep up with the fast pace of manufacturing.

A classic example of such software is for configuration management. Reduced expenditures and man-power hours are achieved in product configuration as the management software eliminates the need for manual calculations, analysis, and data entry, while at the same time increasing the quality, consistency, and reliability of the final product.

Configuration management software addresses the key concern of the manufacturing process… that software automation reduces the manpower and time associated with enabling each of the processes that form the basis of originating, coordinating, and operationalizing production schedules.

Furthermore, the software should enable the simplification of the production cycle and process, where optimization between departments and suppliers of materials can be achieved.