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A Complete Guide To Camping Tent

Enjoy the outdoors this summer with our camping tips and advice. Whether you are planning to go camping in France, have a great camping trip, or enjoy your favorite band at an outdoor music festival, we have some great tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your camping vacation.

Read on for tips on camping gear, entertainment, and more. Army tents are often described as the maximum number of people who can sleep, but if you can choose one more than your group. You need space for your clothes and supplies. The headroom is also important.

army tent

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Army tent type

Dome: very easy to place and sufficient space in most designs, but not the strongest of the tent and not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Geodesic: tough and great for extreme weather conditions, but the shape means you lose space in the hallways so you don't have too much storage space.

Backs: Another robust design, but like the geodesic tent, can lose space in the form of the design. Make sure you bring spare tent pins and some spare guy straps in case of a break.


Ventilation is very important in a tent, so you need to pay close attention to doors, windows, and openings. Some doors also serve as windbreaks while others serve as canopies to give you extra space under the ceiling, but outdoors, great for cooking. You can also find tents with verandas that provide some useful extra space.