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Affordable business card cutters

No matter what industry you are in, business cards are one of the cheapest and most popular tools for sharing your business information with potential clients. With the easy-to-use graphic design software available on the market today, it's easy to create attractive, professional-looking cards in your own office using a computer system printer. But once you've printed your business cards, how do you cut them down to the right size?

In this article, we'll talk about personal business card cutters, which accurately and successfully cut the letter-size paper into standard 2 "* 3-1 / 2" cards with little effort. If you are looking for gold business cards, you may check this link right here now..

The basics

Business card cutters are available with manual or electric operation, with standard or full-bleed cutting capabilities. Standard card cutters are used to minimize cards that have a blank edge on the outer edge of appearance, which is designed with a 12-page layout template (12 cards per sheet). The full-bleed cutters are designed to cut cards that can have images or text messages running to the edge of the cards, created using a 10-page template (10 credit cards per sheet).


Business card cutters are created for cutting out business cards, however, they can be used to cut a variety of other useful items. If you have a photo-quality printer, you can print photo sheets on photo paper and cut them into specific size prints with the business card cutter.

You can also create name cards for trade shows, events, or for office use using a 10 or 12 copy template and cut with your card cutter. Teachers can effortlessly design their personalized flashcards or other teaching materials using their favorite word processor or visual design program and cut them to size using a business card cutter.