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Chimney Caps: Tips On Buying, Measuring, And Use

A chimney cap is a protective cover that fits snugly against the top of your fireplace. They are usually made of stainless steel, copper, concrete, or galvanized metal and are equipped with a net filter to prevent air splashing in the chimney, outdoor nesting animals, and damaging rainfall and debris affecting the overall safety and durability of the ventilation system required for your chimney.

Why is it so important to limit the sparks to these chimneys and other elements? When you toast in the marsh and have a secret discussion about stove fire, a lot more happens in the ventilation space of your fireplace. You can also look for the best concrete caps in Milwaukee via

Sparks from burning wood or logs sometimes reach the top of your chimney and, if not stopped properly, can ignite flammable materials that surround the walls of your chimney and cover the roofs and structures of your home.

Without a fireplace lid to protect your fireplace from the effects, rain can penetrate the mortar joints of your fireplace structure, loosening the bricks or stones in your masonry fireplace.

Chimney type

The first step in finding a chimney is to determine the type of chimney in your home. This will determine the most suitable type of fireplace lid. The most common types of chimneys are chimneys made of brick, stone, or concrete.

Metal chimneys or factory-made chimneys are mass-produced, usually equipped with a pre-assembled chimney lid, and should be used with a chimney cap as the metal is less resistant to the elements.