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The KBO Breeze Has A Mediocre Cadence Sensor

While high-end electric bikes generally come with a torque based sensor, The KBO Breeze has a more budget friendly cadence style sensor. Generally when you’re riding a cadence sensor electric bicycle you’ll notice that the bike has no idea how hard you’re pedaling and the same is true for the cruiser electric bike. According to Matt‘s review on TailHappyTV the KBO Breeze does not have a perfect cadence sensor and the bike does leave more to be desired, however it does get the job done. In Matt’s review he states that the cadence sensor is flawed in the sense that the bike will only bring you up to certain predetermined speeds. This makes it difficult to ride side-by-side with somebody if you want to ride at a particular speed in unison with somebody else. On the other hand if you’re just using this bike to commute to work or if you’re riding by yourself you probably won’t find it to be a problem.

At the end of the day torque based sensors are much more expensive and this probably explains why the KBO Breeze is offered at such a low price compared to electric bikes you’ll find at your local bike shop. The KBO Breeze is not outfitted with a ton of super high-end features, rather this electric bike basically has a mash up of adequate parts. The shifters are Shimano, and the brakes are Tektro. Each of these brands have a long lasting and good reputation in the cycling community. Often times budget electric bikes will be fitted with unbranded components, or components of low quality. This is not the case for the KBO Breeze. If you want to see a full list and analysis of the components on the KBO Breeze you can watch the KBO Breeze review on TailHappyTV. In this review Matt will take you on a point of view riding experience with this bike and tell you all of the facts and his opinion on this electric bicycle.