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How To Find The Best Gym Rentals Space in Vancouver

How many of your friends go to the gym? The answer would probably surprise you. More people than ever are becoming gym fundamentalists. Fitness continues to grow as an industry every day. More and more people realize the healthy lifestyle is for them and the benefits it can bring them.

Getting your personal training licensing to start a personal fitness business could be a timely idea and one that could eventually bring you a lot of income and a lot of personal and spiritual growth. If you are searching for personal training rental space visit

personal training rental space
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Here is how to start a personal training business and where to begin with gym rental.

1. Find A Suitable Gym You Like

One way of starting a personal training business is to rent out a gym from which you can train. To do this find a gym that you like and that has the equipment that you need.

If it is a good gym then it will also be clean and will have times when it won’t be too crowded. Be sure to speak to the staff to find out if you could use this gym for your personal fitness business. If so be sure to find out what the deal would be.

Would you give the gym a percentage of your earnings from your business or would you pay a flat rate to them? And would there an option to hire out the whole gym if you wanted to run large classes of between 20-30 people for example on a local fitness blitz day.

2. Decide On Your Personal Brand

Getting personal training licensing is probably the most important aspect of starting a personal fitness business. But, after this, creating a personal brand that customers can connect with and a brand that sells you and your service should be your next task.

Your brand must reflect your values and ethos and the overall message you are trying to sell. You can think about what area of fitness you are going to try and sell? Are you going to focus on wellness in which case you will want your brand to tell the story of how personal training can make you feel empowered and free?

Or perhaps you are going to become an expert in training people for marathons. Your brand might instead indicate how fast you might be able to run by the end of the sessions: a blurred logo might work well here with a name and a slogan that also reflects this.

Or perhaps you are going to become an expert in body-building in which case you would want your brand to reflect this.

3. Advertise

Once you have developed your brand then you need to advertise. You can do this in several different ways.

First of all, be sure to advertise online. Create a fancy website and if you cannot do this yourself, pay a professional to do it. Also, be sure to include a blog as part of your website and to update this regularly.

The blog must contain useful information on there for those looking to get fit or for your niche so that it will entice them in and show that you know what you are talking about.

Any blog must also have strong SEO and to achieve this sometimes you can need an expert from a company that specializes in SEO to assist you. They can write the blogs for you and ensure your site is number one on Google and other search engines.

You must complement your blog with a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Be sure to know what each site is about and how to post on each channel correctly.

4. Build Up A Strong Client Base Through Word of Mouth

As well as advertising online you must also advertise in real life and the best way to do this is through word of mouth. Get talking to people and mention that you have a business that you are in the process of setting up.

See what they say and give them your business card. But don’t just go up to random people and start giving them a sales pitch.

This is like sending people spam. Instead, make connections, befriend people and speak to them on a social level.