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Empowering Women In Society

They experience oppression, hunger, and despair; but with decent work, they become independent and can rewrite their stories with hope.

Our clothing line features minimalist, simple jewelry, and bold details – a style for everyone! The best thing about our accessories is that we had a problem when we hired women to make them for three reasons:

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If a woman has a sustainable source of income, she is less likely to cheat. Not only that but when a mother has a job and can send her daughter to school, that girl is less vulnerable because she has an education!

Global equality for women

We value men, of course, but we focus on empowering women because when you give women financial freedom they use it most of the time to support their families and communities.

If you lift a woman out of poverty, statistically she brings in 4 more people. Empowering women helps alleviate poverty and create a better world for everyone (including men!).

The mother takes care of the baby

We believe in the beauty of adoption. However, many mothers leave their babies in orphanages because they are unable to feed or protect their children. This is a heartbreaking decision mom shouldn't face.

By providing decent and sustainable work for women, women can take care of their children and break the cycle of poverty.