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Techniques To Effectively Gamify A Mobile App

Any form of gamification – -such as rewarding users with collectibles or points could persuade users to take action they don't want to do. This only works if you are already part of the ecosystem and actively using your mobile app. Gamification won't work for people who aren't engaged and won't draw them back to your application even if they're not currently using it.

The incentive strategy is utilized in various methods to gamify your app, but the most commonly used is through badges, reward points, and leaderboards. If you tried to integrate the above features in your mobile app, without setting a goal or understanding the way it interacts with the user, then gamification is not going to work regardless of how you try.

Gamify Your App

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Before you decide to use gamification methods be sure to have the following in mind:

Set Goals:

Like when you promote your app, establish objectives and goals prior to starting. Don't just incorporate gamification because it's a technique employed by other applications and games. The ones that succeed have a carefully thought-out strategy and a compelling reason for why they should incorporate it into.

Bring Value:

By using gamification techniques users should feel that they've achieved something unique or challenging, that they have outdone themselves or someone else, or have learned something that is truly awesome.

Simple is best:

Gamification is a huge challenge for a developer as there are many things to take care of in the backend, but try not to make it complicated for the users. In the end, they are your most active users so you shouldn't make them feel like you're putting a fork in their user experience for the next time.