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Things To Look For When Choosing Soft Serve Mix

Soft serve is a sweet treat that should be enjoyed whenever you want. The delicate soft serve mix makes this possible and offers plenty of options for preparing a delicious dessert yourself. Plus, the soft serve mix isn't just perfect for making ice cream. You can also use it to make sorbet, frozen yogurt, and even cream. You can also pop over to this site to buy the best soft serve mix.

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If you're looking for the best soft serving mix, read on. We've compiled the following buying guide to give you the best advice on choosing a soft-serve mix. 

Key considerations

Dairy vs. non-dairy

As noted above, several powder-soft serve mixes are dairy-free and use pea protein, coconut oil, or soybeans to add cream to the soft parts. Many fruit sorbet desserts are also available in dairy-free serving mixes.

Liquid vs. powder mix

The liquid soft serve mix is based on milk and has fewer ice crystals than the powder mix. This liquid mixture is what you most often get when eating soft portions at a restaurant. It also has a higher fat content than the powder mix. 

Powder mixes have a longer shelf life, are usually dairy-free, and must be mixed with water. This makes it more labor-intensive than liquid mixtures and leaves the door open to more human error in the preparation process.