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Timeless Accents with Wooden Home Decor

Wooden decorations can add a classic accent to any interior design or the overall theme of a room. Accent pieces or wood floors never go out of style. Meanwhile, the house can be modernist and avant-garde. Wood accents or the basic theme for home decor made of wood can remain the same tastes and styles can change.

When considering how much wood is valued, think about “renovation and extension to detached house” (which is also known as “oppussing og tilbygg til enebolig“ in Norwegian language) with hardwood floors. It is an accent that homeowners restore and maintain on a grand scale, regardless of their sense of decor, as it is unique and timeless.  

However, not every home is lucky enough to have natural wood floors. Fortunately, anyone can find accents that complement their home theme and sense of style. Wood decor accents for household chores are otherwise not space-inspired.

Sometimes people find it difficult to give individuality to a room, even if it is fully furnished. You can add a personal touch to wood decor elements that are different from the usual. If the room is lighter in color, add a darker wood decor, eg. inlaid wooden coffee table or hand-carved wooden bowl. 

If the walls of your den or bar are made of dark mahogany, the light wood accents not only stand out but provide contrast. Engraved teak glass with art quality can provide unique accents in a variety of colors.