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Top 5 Incentive Marketing Strategies

When many people start an online business, they often find themselves with incentive marketing companies, that have several hurdles to jump over before getting their business off the ground. Not only are there lots of details that you will need to get organized, but you also have to figure out a way to get your site in front of your ideal customers. Fortunately, that's easy. With the right help, all of these things can be taken care of with one easy step.

An incentive marketing platform can assist you figure out what that target is, and whether or not you will actually follow through on it. For example, if you plan on employing the free email or sales letter offers to market your goods or services, you will need one. Many platforms offer pre-made sales letters or emails, which you can customize according to your project. If time is of the essence, this can make the incentive marketing platform process very simple.

You may be tempted to try and complete each step of the process on your own, but chances are that you will be more confused than ever. That's okay. There are several things you can do to ensure that your sales letter or email doesn't get lost in the pile of other emails. Here are some ideas for how to arrange your incentive marketing platform to make sure that all of the steps you need to get in front of customers with incentives are taken care of.

One solution for this is to set up a blog. Using your blog as a sales letter platform is pretty straightforward. Add your incentive marketing links where they will pop up, then write a few articles based on those links. At the end of the article, provide a link to your incentive marketing site and let readers click on it to receive your free product.

Another way to organize your incentive marketing platform is to use an online lender like Lending Tree. Lending Tree is a London-based startup that offers users the ability to create an incentive-based lending community. Members get access to low-interest loans and other lending opportunities through a central hub. While this is not the same as using your blog as a portal to sell your incentive products, the process is essentially the same.

The other option is to setup your own incentive marketing campaigns through social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are good avenues to explore for this purpose. Find some like-minded individuals who you might share your incentive marketing campaigns with. Schedule a time to meet up, create a short note, and then send the link to your business website, your blog, or even to a public Facebook group (like Students for Starbucks) so that interested parties can click on it and receive your freebies.

One of the easiest ways to create an incentive program is through a reward program. The best way to set one up is to have an incentive-based product that you offer to consumers. Some of the best products to pair up with your incentive marketing campaigns include discount travel, gift cards, or gift certificates. Other examples would be tickets to a sold out event, restaurant coupons, or hotel stays for a night. Make sure that your rewards program has enough incentives for consumers to feel good about making a purchase.

It should be relatively easy to set up a few different incentive marketing strategies in your business. All you need to do is to look for opportunities that will work for your incentive marketing company and then develop a marketing plan that utilizes those methods. As long as you have a strong incentive program tied to a meaningful offer, you should be able to attract new customers and retain your current ones. What's more, you'll soon begin to build a loyal customer base who will eagerly promote your business whenever they find something that they like!