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Transparency Customization: A Type Of Mass Customization

Transparent customization is a type of mass customization that does not involve consumers actively because it relies solely on the brand’s efforts to offer a unique and relevant product to a particular consumer, after monitoring purchasing behaviour, analyzing demand and choices, and estimating preferences.

Brands employing such tactics need a foundation, a standard package of services or products that can be adapted to specific groups, and resources to monitor and extract data from their users. You can get information on online product customization via

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An example of transparent customization is what Netflix does with its recommendation list, where the company offers movies and shows that may be of interest to certain users.

The brands like Ritz Carlton Hotel Group also manages to surprise its guests with their favourite drinks and dishes at every check-in.

Conclusion: The goal of mass customization

Mass customization has a huge impact on industrial productivity. In the last two years alone, companies that made adjustments experienced an increase in productivity by 62%, while companies that had not shown only 51%.

When it comes to contributing to the luxury business, the mass customization relationship is very important and is referred to as the “learning relationship” between producers and consumers, as described by Pine, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in 1995.