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Understanding Hydraulic Cylinders Before Buying

Hydraulic cylinders convert hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy and are capable of producing work. They are used to perform jobs where the load must be lowered, lifted, locked, or moved. The cylinder contains hydraulic fluid to apply pressure.

Hydraulic cylinder is classified as single-acting and double-acting depending on its structure and functioning. Single-acting hydraulic cylinders come with a simple design and their hydraulic fluid works on a single side of a piston or rod. A large number of reciprocating engines comprise these kinds of single-acting cylinders. They are used in engines such as sterling engines, steam engines, and more.

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On the contrary, hydraulic fluid in a double acting cylinder works on both the sides of the rod or the piston. The working fluid alternately works on two sides of the piston. These cylinders are used when force is to be applied from both directions, just like in several pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Used in various steam engines, they are uncommon in other engines.

Different types of cylinders are widely used in mechanical, engineering, and construction works. A large number of suppliers offer different types of hydraulic cylinders such as double acting hydraulic cylinders and custom hydraulic cylinders. Prior to purchasing these cylinders make sure to look for catalogs of different hydraulic cylinders manufacturer in order to compare the specifications, price and quality to find the best suited option for yourself.