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Useful Information About Botox Treatment In Singapore

Botox treatments are popular worldwide as a solution for wrinkles and stretched lines. Most men and women who have developed wrinkles can opt for this treatment. Botox is especially effective for vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows caused by wrinkles (called facial expressions). 

It can also be used to treat global grooves, crow's feet, etc. Botox (Vistabex / Dysport) does not work on wrinkles or lines on the skin caused by loss of volume or elasticity, or when the skin becomes saggy from sun exposure. You can opt for botox crows feet treatment to reduce wrinkles.

If you are hypersensitive to botulinum toxin or have certain muscle disorders, you should not use Botox. In addition, Botox injections should not be taken at the same time as aminoglycoside antibiotics, spectinomycin, or other drugs that affect nerve impulses to muscles. 

Botox should not be used during pregnancy and should be avoided while breastfeeding. In case of injury or infection, the patient should wait until it heals before opting for this anti-aging treatment. Some doctors believe that people suffering from transmitted diseases (STDs) should also avoid this treatment.

The best advice after treating a patient who has undergone botox is to do some light exercise on the treated area, frowning, smiling, and raising eyebrows from time to time for best treatment results. Do not rub or massage the treated area as this may increase the risk of complications when spraying the product.