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What Are The Different Types Of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a type of steel that is not stainless but contains substantial amounts of carbon. This alloy consists mainly of carbon and can be found in a range of.12 percent to.5%.

This gives the steel a greater resistance and durability as it gains more carbon. The different types of carbon-steel welding can be used to produce different types of wires.

There are different types of carbon steel depending on their carbon content. The mild variety is the most commonly used because it is inexpensive. The steel contains more sulfur in higher varieties.

carbon steel welding

As the name suggests, low variety steel has a low amount of carbon. You can make many parts from medium carbon steel. Higher grades can be used to make wires and springs, which form the backbone for machinery. Common knives and axles are made from steel with high carbon content.

The most crucial step in carbon steel production is heat treatment. There are two options for heat treatment. One is to increase the temperature at which it must be heated, and the other is to cool it.

High temperatures can produce carbon steel that is extremely soft or ductile. The carbon content must not exceed 3wt%. Normalizing steel must only be done for 1 hour.

Normalization steel has a uniform appearance, good hardness, and good strength. To make very hard structures, quenching is used. Quenching requires just .4 wt% carbon. It is important to find more information about carbon steel welding before using it for your company.