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What Is a Sleep Regression?

Sleep regression is when your baby suddenly wakes up at night several times a night. You can't sleep or fall asleep. They struggle with naps, bedtime and often wake up and cry at night. Your baby is clingy, moody and very needy during the day. You've ruled out disease and teething, and it lasts longer than a few days of growth spurt. You can hop over to this website to contact the sleep advisors to handle sleep regression of babies.

Your baby often wakes up crying and screaming for help because she can't do it herself. Your baby is tired from all the sleep disturbances and ends up being fussy all day long. So, what do you do?

1.) Extra comfort during this time. Extra hugs and kisses. Try to take care of your baby.

2.) Don't let your baby cry. Respond to their troubles.

3.) Get your tricks out there (most of which you probably used when your baby was born). White Noise, Killer, Binky, "Love" whatever it takes to put the baby to sleep. You both need sleep or you'll have a hard time getting through a few weeks.

4.) Remember that sleep regression doesn't last forever, 2-6 weeks on average. Keep reminding yourself that this will pass and your life will soon return to normal.

5.) Sometimes there's not much you can do. Be strong, don't be disappointed and take a nap during the day to get through the hard night

These changes in development are both interesting and exhausting for them. You may also find that during this time, your baby is actually growing as his body changes and develops, which can make them need more sleep. So make sure to monitor these sleep signals!