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What Is SUP Yoga & Why You Should Try

As spring rolls around again and we start tossing layers of winter and our cities on our beaches and waterways, it's time to take note of what "SUP yoga" is and why you should try it this summer.

First, SUP, which means Standup Paddleboarding is a water sport that originated in Hawaii and is very popular all over the world for its easy-to-master skills. SUP yoga business is similar to surfing but is mostly done in shallow water or sheltered bays unless you have enough play to surf the waves.

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You have to stand on a board similar to a surfboard but much bigger. The joy of the SUP board is that, depending on the size you choose, you don't need any special skills to turn or balance, just tricks and tips for the best stand and proper and efficient use of your paddle and where when to Row is to look.

The advantages of SUP'ing are that it improves balance (especially in the water), strengthens the core and the whole body (using the legs to stay balanced and strong, rowing the arms, and keeping the trunk straight), and is ideal for improving fitness and even weight loss – combine these with a little yoga on the water and the benefits increase significantly.

SUP Yoga is the latest summer exercise trend and, depending on conditions and location, neither SUP nor yoga experience is required, just a willingness to try and the ability to swim.