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What’s Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

A recruitment agency covers mainly two basic activities: helps candidates find a job and helps other companies find good candidates for the open positions they have. To hire a software engineer you can click over here.

So they are a mediator on the market between candidates that search for jobs and companies that search for candidates. Most agencies offer mostly free services to candidates and get paid by companies only.

To a candidate, a recruitment agency offers the following services:

– Receiving their resume and inserting it in a database which helps search for candidates with a certain skill; for agencies operating on the same market, competition is huge because they end up eventually with a similar database, so winning the client gets tougher; also, small inexperienced agencies can't compete with large ones which already have a huge list of candidates that they can search in minutes;

– Helping the candidates build a professional resume (sometimes paid service);

– Assessing the candidate's skills by applying tests (IT, language, professional psychological tests) or during interviews;

– Offering improvement suggestions (sometimes paid service) and offering to include them in training or coaching sessions (also mostly paid service);

– Sending the candidate's resume to employers who have open positions, according to required skills (free service mostly);

– Offering the candidate feedback in case of rejection or mediating the salary offering process (mostly free service).