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What’s So Great About Ozone Water Purification?

You may have heard of ozone for water purification, maybe not. But guess what? There are several compelling reasons why you need to increase your awareness and understanding of one of the most effective natural sources of water purification to reach the ground after, well, oxygen.

Ozone, though better known as part of that nasty tan layer you see flying over Los Angeles, is actually one of nature's most powerful protectors. “Good” ozone acts as a protective layer in the upper atmosphere, protecting the earth from harmful UV rays. And down here at Earth's surface, ozone is safely generated by electric current from an ozone generator, so it can be used as a powerful non-chemical disinfectant in Ozone water treatment applications from aquariums, water parks and public swimming pools to hot tubs. , commercial laundry and bottled water. 

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Why do so many critical water treatment applications rely on ozone?

Here are some pretty convincing reasons:

• Ozone (O3) is a gas obtained from oxygen which is easily soluble in water

• Ozone is a strong antimicrobial oxidizing agent and disinfectant

• Ozone dissolved in water (aqueous ozone) is odorless

Ozone is trusted where purity is critical:

Ozone for water purification is nothing new. It has been used by the bottled water industry for decades to purify the water we drink. It is also widely used by the spa and hot tub industry to keep water clean in an environment that is ripe for all contaminants. (Most mineral springs have a built-in ozonator.)

It is clear that ozone is an attractive argument for almost any application where purity is important. Safe, natural and effective, ozone provides the cleanliness needed for many commercial, industrial and residential purposes.