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Why Bedtime Routines Are Critical to Sleep Training?

When a baby is born, his sleep patterns are chaotic. Not only do their sleep cycles typically last 45 minutes with short waking hours, they also don't know the difference between day and night. And this last point is why experts develop bedtime routines. You can check out this site to contact the baby sleep experts for managing the baby sleep routines and habits.

Routines don't have to be complicated at first. At a minimum, the routine should include turning off the screen, reducing gaming activity, and dimming the lights. This will help children orient themselves to the rhythm of their environment.

But parents can and should contribute more to bedtime. Experts agree that best bedtime practices give children a series of signals that it's time to stop activity and go to sleep. These signals can include a warm bath, a little dental care (or gum hygiene), a story, and a song. With any activity, the child should begin to relax.

Some experts suggest that parents go the extra mile to turn routine into a ritual by adding special moments of connection. This could be a quirky phrase or prayer, a moment of thoughtfulness, or a controlled play of the imagination. The addition of these elements is especially useful for older children who begin their bedtime with a sense of peace and connectedness.

Whatever sleep schedule parents choose, sleep experts say it's important for parents to undress their children when they are "drowsy but not sleeping". This will help the child learn to calm down and reduce disorientation when they wake up and find themselves in their bed.